• Keeping safe on our buses after July 19th

    Dear Passengers, 

    Whilst the government has lifted all restrictions for travel on public transport from 19th July 2021, we intend to continue to conduct the range of safety measures which have been in place since the start of the pandemic.  These are:       

    SANITISING the buses between each journey, and deep cleaning them with an especially purchased sanitising system at the end of each shift.                                                                  

    PROVIDING our drivers with face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser.                                              

    PROVIDING an automatic sanitiser dispenser on each bus.                                                               

    ENSURING AIRFLOW by keeping windows open where possible.                                                   

    We also request you to consider the need to help to keep risks when travelling on public transport to a minimum.  We therefore, ask you to:                                                                            

    NOT use our bus if you feel unwell.                                                                                                      

    WEAR a face mask.                                   

    SANITISE your hands on entering the bus.                                                                                         

    SIT next to a window.                                                                                                                               

    SIT at least one seat away from other passengers when possible.                                               

    PAY using a contactless card (if you can only pay by cash, we will only accept the correct amount.)       

    We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

  • WOCT honoured with Outstanding Commitment To The Community Award

    We’re delighted to have won Witney Town Council’s Outstanding Commitment to the Community Award for 2019.

    The accolade forms part of the Council’s annual Citizen of the Year Awards ceremony, which has sadly had to be postponed due to the unprecedented situation this year. The awards celebrate “the shining lights in our community from the past year; those that go above and beyond and give just that little bit more to the benefit of the town.”

    “Many residents see WOCT as a lifeline, and town businesses appreciate the trade they get from regular services,” Councillor Duncan Enright, Mayor of Witney 2019-20, said, explaining why the Council chose to bestow this award. “The community bus has featured in the national news, cooperative awards and even earned Witney a mention in a song by electronic band Underworld!”

    In the absence of a formal ceremony due to the ongoing pandemic, we have been presented with a signed and embossed certificate by Witney Town Council; we will be displaying copies of this certificate in each of our buses, so that we can share this honour with our passengers.

    Speaking about the news on BBC Radio Oxford, Director Margaret Burden said that everyone at WOCT was “absolutely thrilled and incredibly proud to have been given this award. We work very hard to provide our service, doing it because we know it’s needed.”

  • AGM 2020

    Our Annual General Meeting 2020 took place on Tuesday, 25th August.

    The Agenda, Directors’ Reports, and Minutes from last year’s AGM, are listed below.

    AGM Minutes 2019

    AGM Agenda 2020

    Directors’ Report and Financial Statements 2020

    Draft AGM Minutes 2020

    If you would like to request a physical copy of the AGM papers, please get in touch .