GDPR, Forms, Legal stuff and regular news updates

Today I was talking to a customer about GDPR requirements for their website forms and realised I hadn’t enabled the GDPR button on the digital forms for WOCT . So I did that on all 3 forms.

I also installed the WPAUTOTERMS plugin to create default GDPR compliant Privacy and T’s & C’s pages for the use of the website and storage of data. you can see the auto generated page links in the footer of each page (including this one)


To update the “News” page.

Simply create a new “post” with the category “News” assigned. (NOTE: not a page, but a post)

You can do this really easily by downloading the wordpress app on your phone and using your login to quickly add a post. Or just login to the admin site and create a new post from the menu. Its currently configured to show the last 10 posts.