Membership Terms and Conditions

As a shareholder/member of West Oxfordshire Community Transport Limited, you have the opportunity to influence the way we’re run and (subject to funds being available) can earn interest on your investment. Becoming a member of a community benefit society means becoming part of a group of people who collectively own the organisation and decide how it should be run. Members of West Oxfordshire Community Transport Limited are entitled to vote at our Annual General Meeting, stand for the board of directors and elect members of the board.
Joining couldn’t be simpler: just fill in the form (digital or hardcopy) and become part of this exciting new, community owned public transport venture. We’re working hard to create a successful and secure business. However, members should be aware that share capital in a community benefit society is risk capital. Ultimately, if things were ever to go wrong for West Oxfordshire Community Transport Limited, your share capital would be at risk, although you are not liable for any sum beyond what you have invested. Your investment is withdrawable without penalty.

Privacy Statement

At West Oxfordshire Community Transport Limited we are committed to protecting and
respecting your privacy. As a registered Society for the Benefit of the Community, we are legally obliged to keep a register of members together with details of each member’s investment. We will only use the information you have provided to us on your membership form, and in your correspondence with us and will use it to contact you regarding West Oxfordshire Community Transport Limited business and your rights and obligations as a member, including your investment in the Society.
We would also like to send you our newsletter and information regarding events from time to time. If you want to receive this additional information from us, please let us know by ticking the box on the form above.
If you have any questions, please address them to: The Secretary, West Oxfordshire Community Transport Limited, 74 West Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 5ER.