Our Routes

Our Routes


From Monday 21 September 2020 we will be operating expanded temporary timetables (Monday to Saturday) for the Witney Town Service (214 and 215), and reintroducing the 213 route (Monday to Friday). We are also expanding the 210 service linking the Wychwoods, Leafield and Crawley with Witney (Monday to Friday). Please refer to our timetable page to see and download the temporary timetables.

Our Witney Town Services Nos. 213, 214 and 215 link the outlying areas of the town with the centre. 

The 213 and 214 start in the Market Square (the bus stop next to Barclays Bank) and then, after running down Bridge Street, the 213 turns left into West End and the 214 right into Newland. 

The 215 starts in the Market Square outside the Town Hall and then travels to the Smiths Estate via Corn Street and Curbridge Road, before returning to the Market Square via Springfield Oval and Moor Avenue.

We provide a half-hourly service in the mornings on Monday to Friday and an hourly service in the afternoon.  On Saturday the 214 and 215 services run hourly.  Go to our timetables page for the timings.

These services are supported by Witney Town Council.

The 210 service, launched on 12th February 2018, links the Wychwood villages, Leafield and Crawley with Witney.  We provide 5 services each way (Monday to Friday) to Witney.  For details on times, please go to our timetables page where you can download a timetable.