Margaret Burden – Director

The first half of Margaret’s career was predominantly involved in sales and marketing, in the industrial sector. This included machine tool imports, selling capital equipment and industrial consumables to ‘difficult’ markets – Romania (in both cases using her three main languages, Russian, French and German) – as well as providing marketing consultancy to journals publishing in the electrical and electronic industry sector.

The latter half of her career has been spent in the voluntary sector, where as Director of Innovations and member of the senior management team of a major national charity, she was responsible for identifying new areas of activity and then implementing effective strategies to make these projects a reality. This involved successfully identifying funders and supporters and devising and overseeing staffing, finance and implementation of these projects. This was certainly helped by all that she learnt when undertaking an MBA at Cranfield (1981). Since then she has managed a homeless charity n Oxford as well as running a B&B and setting up her own business providing landscape history walks across the Cotswolds. She lives in Chipping Norton and her favourite mode of transport is buses.