Whilst the government has lifted all restrictions for travel on public transport from 19th July 2021, we intend to continue to conduct the range of safety measures which have been in place since the start of the pandemic. 

We ask you to:

NOT use our bus if you feel unwell.                                                          

WEAR a face mask.                                   

SANITISE your hands on entering the bus. 

SIT next to a window.

SIT at least one seat away from other passengers when possible. 

PAY using a contactless card (if you can only pay by cash, we will only accept the correct amount).

For our part, we will:

SANITISE the buses between each journey, and deep clean them with an especially-purchased sanitising system at the end of each shift.

PROVIDE our drivers with face masks, gloves, and hand sanitiser.

PROVIDE an automatic sanitiser dispenser on each bus.

ENSURE AIRFLOW by keeping windows open where possible.   

Thank you for your ongoing co-operation and understanding.