During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are maintaining a range of safety meaures. We need your help to keep risks when travelling on public transport to a minimum.

We ask you to:

NOT use our bus if you feel unwell

WEAR a face mask. The Government has now said that this is essential on public transport

SANITISE your hands on entering the bus

SIT next to a window

SIT at least one seat away from other passengers. Use those seats indicated as being available

ONLY share a seat if you are from the same household

PAY using a contactless card (if you can only pay by cash, we will only accept the correct amount)

For our part, we will:

SANITISE the buses between each journey and deep clean them with an especially-purchased sanitising system at the end of each shift

PROVIDE our drivers with face masks, gloves, and hand sanitiser

PROVIDE an automatic sanitiser dispenser on each bus

SHOW a ‘BUS FULL’ sign when the socially distanced capacity is reached

PROVIDE a duplicate bus for busier times, when possible